Holly Valance Smile

Stunning smile of Australian model and actress Holly Valance, photo of amazing white smile of Holly Valance.
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Holly Willoughby Smile

Picture of Holly Willoughby's super cute smile.

Holly Willoughby is a delightful English television presenter and model.
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Isabel Lucas Cute Smile

Picture of Isabel Lucas"s adorable smile, photo of cute Isabel Lucas smile.

Isabel Lucas is known for her appearance in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Daybreakers.
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Jennifer Aniston Cute Smile

Jennifer Aniston super cute smile, picture of Jennifer Aniston donning a lovely smile.

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her role as Rachel Green in the television sitcom Friends, along with a slew of blockbuster movie roles.
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Jennifer Garner Smile

Jennifer Garner cute smile, pleasant picture of Jennifer Garner's amazing smile.

Jennifer Garner is a superstar celebrity actress, you might know her from the TV show Alias.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt Cute Smile

Jennifer Love Hewitt cute smile, picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt while smiling.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is best known for her role in a little movie entitled I Know What You Did Last Summer, however she is also known for her swift curves and striking sexy smile.
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Jennifer Metcalfe Smile

Ah yes, Jennifer Metcalfe, the dashing English actress from the soap opera Hollyoaks.

What a magnificently adorable smile she is packing, her smile is simply packed with tremendous amounts of charm and innocence.

Too cute to poot!
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Jessica Alba Perfect Smile

In the realm of stunning beauty, Jessica Alba can do no wrong!

Jessica Alba has without a doubt one of the single most beautiful smiles i have ever seen, with lovely plump lips and a marvelous set of pearly white teeth.

And just when you thought Jessica Alba couldn't get anymore desirable...

Perfect smile!
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Jessica Biel Smile

Jessica Biel is known for having an exceptionally bodacious body with a top ten backside, however she also has a stunning smile.

Despite her slightly "larger" sized mouth, Jessica Biel has gorgeous full lush lips and picture perfect pearly white teeth.

I could get use to waking up to that smile!
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Jessica Simpson Smile

And now we present to you the marvelous smile of the much talked about, Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson really has a tremendously beautiful smile, with stunningly white teeth (which may be artificially whitened) and gorgeous full lips (which may be collagen injections) that are more than just kissable.

Maybe not the most natural smile, but very lovely indeed.
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Kate Beckinsale Cute Smile

Looking for a charming bright white smile to light of your day? Well look no further than Kate Beckinsale and her magnificently beautiful smile.

Very lush lips, amazing white teeth and if it wasn't for the extra "gum" we would be looking at a grade A smile.

Its still pretty darn lovely despite the high gum line.
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Kate Moss Smile

Supermodels such as Kate Moss, aren't usefully associated with friendly smiles, in fact most models strive for a serious sophisticated expression while posing for the cameras.

However candid pictures like this are always great for displaying the other side of sleek models, while there "serious guard" is down.

Despite her mangled teeth, Kate Moss has a very lovely smile.
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Katherine Heigl Smile

Katherine Heigl is the delightful actress who is never short on words, known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl is clearly a very beautiful woman, however her smile doesn't compare equally to the rest of her beauty.

The two complaints would be, the elevated upped lip which reveals one too many teeth, and the sheer size of her mouth seems quite large while she is smiling.
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Katherine Jenkins Darling Smile

Katherine Jenkins is an absolute darling Welsh singer and television personality, known for her astounding voice, like that of an angel.

Katherine Jenkins is a breathtakingly beautiful woman with a very delightful smile, which is complimented quite well by her lovely full lips and superb teeth.
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Katie Melua Smile

Katie Melua is a lovely talented Georgian/British singer, songwriter and musician, perhaps best known for her hit album entitled, Call off the Search.

Katie Melua has a really super cute smile, which i find to be very charming and friendly, with nice teeth and pretty lips to top it off.
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